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Cuzario grew up teaching himself to drum since he was 13 years old and for a good 6 years or so, he wasn’t able to read nor write music. The opportunity for him to have his first formal music education finally came when he was in varsity. That opened doors for him to sit for graded exams and today, he is at the other end of the rope – teaching others, for theirs.

With 6 recording albums under his belt and slightly over a decade’s worth of teaching experience, he had a fair share of great time performing as well as passing down his valuable knowledge to musicians, especially drummers, through numerous workshops held in various countries like China, Indonesia, Myanmar, New Zealand, the Philippines, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and South Africa.

As an educator, his ultimate goal is to inspire upcoming drummers and shape them into great musicians. If you have the right attitude, he can help to get you there.

Whether you are a hobbyist and in it just for fun or seriously thinking of sitting for graded exams, Cuzario is able to customize lessons that will suit you best and train you into becoming a great drummer.


“I had the privilege to work with Cuzario on a few projects where he was the featured drummer. One project in particular after hearing his work I wanted to use him on one of my studio sessions. The results were great and he provided his files that were clean and ready to mix.”

Glenn Thomas

ITuneAudio, Canada

Personally, working with Cuzario is always a treat and a really fun person to be with. If you are looking for a professional musician or an educator, he’s definitely your guy.”

Bryan Limus


“Lessons with Cuzario are not only great from what I learned technically in classes, but also from the inspiration he gives during the sessions. I never felt going to class as an obligation, but looked forward to it all the time. More than the class being fun, helpful and inspiring, it is well paced to the drummer’s capability. Learning under Cuzario has been the biggest improvement in my drumming.”

Joash Loh

One Accord

“Cuzario managed all the dreadfulness out of exam preparation, and made classes enjoyable even if I was going through boring rudiments! His ever-so-relevant lessons have inspired me not just as a drummer, but as a musician as well!”

Jessica Chen

Capen Music

“Cuzario was my very first drum teacher. When I was young I had no clue of being a drummer who will be able to play for bands and etc. But he ignited my drumming spirit which pushed myself to go further and to explore the many different things I can do on the drums.”

Shimmon Mathews


“Working with Cuzario was fun, inspiring and easy going. He is creative, strives to make the working environment chill and comfortable.”

Daniel Yoong

Independent, Berklee College of Music