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With plenty of top notch artisan coffee shops mushrooming these days, each with their own winning distinctive quality to separate one from the other, choosing to frequent any one of these cafes can be nothing less than a heartache.

While some outlets are widely known for the quality of their food and beverages, others creatively lure their crowd with cool designs and thematic decors. For Truth Coffee, it is definitely a combination of both!

Now, let’s take a peek into the cafe and find out what makes it being voted the best in the world.


Upon stepping into the cafe you will be greeted by Truth Coffee’s very own doorkeeper, or bouncer, like you would in most bars and clubs, except that theirs is very cheerful, friendly and welcoming.





Take a few steps in, you will see this funky decor on one of the walls.





These metal steps will take you to the staff area on the next level.





Since we are not allowed upstairs, let’s just head straight into the cafe. This is a typical scene at the coffee shop, always packed from the first business hour in the morning all the way to closing time just before sundown.




Apart from the open concept and stylish swivel seats on metal pipelines as seen in the previous picture, you can opt to dine on these high sofa seats for more privacy.





Or choose to lounge around by these classic sofas for a slightly rustic feel as you enjoy your coffee.





And if you are feeling a little bit metal, these funky old machinery setup is definitely where you want to be at.




Truth Coffee’s is a straight forward, no-nonsense a few pages menu clipped on the clipboard.





Besides pulling the perfect espresso shot into each cup, in artisan cafes like Truth Coffee, baristas are given the liberty to flaunt their skills in producing latte arts to both express themselves and further impress their customers.





Teas are served in iron cast pots like this one, a great idea in making sure it stays hot for long.





Their self-produced sugar and cream – nicely presented on a metal tray.





One of the all time favorites and signature breakfast served all day long, the Steampunk Benedict.




The bar counter.





The coffee contraptions where different coffee beans are kept and constantly monitored to ensure their freshness.





To keep things neat and tidy, the menu clipboards are stacked nicely in this used juice box.





There are several of this typewriter, among other interesting antique stuff, placed around the cafe.




At Truth Coffee, “staff uniform” are probably words that will never exist in their vocabulary. This barista, for instance, does look like a mad scientist or should we call him the coffee engineer?





Coupled with great personalities and pleasing characters, this bunch is always ready to serve and pose for the camera.





Not sure what he is up to but this grungy barista sure looked like he is in some serious coffee business.





As keeping the customers happy is always the top priority, the crew at Truth Coffee, like this one, are very engaging and always helpful. In fact, one of the things South Africans are really good at is their excellent customer service and this is true across most sectors.